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SECC Charities

2020 Charity Application is now available.

Title 1, Chapter 35 of the State of North Carolina’s Administrative Code spells out the rules for how state agencies and university system organizations can fundraise for charities, including the following rules related to participating charities: 

  • The SECC is the only campaign authorized to solicit in the state employee workplace. No charitable organization shall engage in any solicitation activity independent of the SECC at any state employee work site. This includes emails to state employee workplace email addresses. 

  • Recipient organizations that receive the names and addresses of state employees shall segregate this information from all other lists of contributors and use the lists only for acknowledgement purposes. This segregated list shall not be sold or released to anyone outside of the recipient organization. 

For more information, download Charities in the State Workplace.

Charities must apply each year to be approved as SECC participating charities.

All charities applying to the SECC will be required to review the Non-Solicitation Agreement and the Memorandum of Agreement (click for Independent Charities or Federations).

SECC Charity Pages

Charity Toolkit

How are Charities Approved?