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Credit Card & E- Check Donation Page for Pledge Form

2 step process instructions below - Best used in Google or FireFox Browsers. Will not work in Internet Explorer.

Thank you for your credit card or electronic check donation to the SECC. Please review the important information below. This is NOT the ePledge (electronic) portal. To use that, you will have received an email, unique to you. If you are unsure if you have that option, please email for guidance.

Used for Adobe PDF fillable forms, printed forms/paper forms. Can also used for event participation. For events, please share the transaction #, (ID #, Confirmation #) with your SECC Volunteer. Your email may just say ID # at the very bottom & will be a combination of letters & numbers.

This is a 2 step process. Step 1, use donate now button below to complete your secure transaction #. Step 2, Record transaction # on the Adobe PDF fillable pledge form & email/mail to the SECC. To submit the form electronically, you must be in Adobe Acrobat software & not using the web browser to complete. Another option is to download & save it as a PDF & then attach it to an email. If you submit the form via email, you do not have to mail a hard copy to the SECC office. If you would like to view the charities in the campaign this year, click HERE.

  • The "Donate" button below offers secure credit card or e-check processing through CyberSource.

  • After you receive your transaction #, complete the Adobe PDF fillable pledge form. You can save it as a PDF or print & mail.  Step 1 below is the credit card processing site only. It is used in conjunction with the pledge form so that you can record your donation and list the charities you'd like to support.  Note: Your credit card statement will show EarthShare NC as the receiver. The SECC partnered with EarthShareNC back in January & they are back end administrator of all things financial for the SECC. They disburse all funds for us & we use their credit card processor. They do not keep your donation. Your selection of charities you'd like to support is always 100% honored and we process the donation after receiving your pledge form. The transaction # is only for credit card or electronic checks through this site here. Payroll deduction, mailed checks or ePledge will not recieve a transaction #. EPledge donors will receive an email confirmation that lists all charities designated.

Retirees:  If you do not have a pledge form, please click here for your pledge form and either email to or mail to SECC PO Box 196, Durham, NC 27702. Please download/open in Adobe Acrobat as a PDF vs using it in a browser setting.

  • Remember: To ensure your donation is recorded appropriately with the charities that you wish to support, please pay using the link below and record the transaction # found in your confirmation email for your pledge form.  Please submit via email as a PDF to or mail USPS to SECC, PO Box 196, Durham, NC 27702.  The transaction ID will be a series of letters & numbers at the bottom of your email confirmation. It may just say ID but that is the # we're looking for!

Thank you for your donation! 
Making a difference together, we are collectively working to improve the lives for everyone in NC.