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Message From the State Co-Chairs

Dear Fellow State Employees,
Thanks to your generosity over the years, the SECC has become a powerful force for making a difference! Since the campaign began, state employee donors like you have contributed more than $110 million to charities across our state, nation, and world. That’s powerful! 
More importantly, the SECC’s “power of giving” allows each one of us to make a significant difference for causes we care about personally. When you contribute to the SECC your donation joins other state employee donations to become a larger, more powerful gift. Together, state employees have helped hundreds of charities successfully achieve their missions through the SECC. 
It is truly an honor to be part of such a dedicated, caring community of donors. 
We’re proud to serve as your 2019 SECC Co-Chairs. We are energized by your generosity, the enthusiasm of our fellow SECC volunteers, and the powerful impact we’ve all made throughout the years. We look forward to accomplishing great things again this year!
We invite you to use your personal Power of Giving to support a cause that is important to you. Nearly 900 charities are participating in the 2019 SECC. Won’t you consider making a pledge or donation this year?
With Gratitude,
Christy Agner & Mark Edwards
Dept. of Administration
2019 SECC Co-Chairs