2022 Charity Application Available Nov. 2021

The 2021 Application Period for the SECC has closed. If you have any questions, please email laurabaker@ncsecc.org.
Application webform located mid way down on this page.
Deadline: Monday, March 1, 2021 5pm
This includes the webform and all applicable uploaded documents. Please scroll down for instructions, as well as documents needed, including Campaign Certifications Page, highlighted in yellow.
New in 2021 -
  • 100% online application.
  • No audit/review is required as long as the 1st 12 pages of the IRS990 is provided. If you cannot provide a full IRS990, an audit or review is required.
  •  A Pro Forma IRS 990 is acceptable as long as FRA calculations can be done.
  • DocuSign & scanning can be used for document signatures as needed
  • Certifications page for download/signature & upload can be found below under 'Independent Charities' - highlighted in yellow
  • If help is needed for FRA calculation, download paper application below for instructions on how to calculate - highlighted in yellow
  • New service area selections

After reading all informational instructions below, please email the SECC office with any questions - laurabaker@ncsecc.org. You may also leave us a voicemail at 919-821-2886 as we are still working remotely due to COVID.

If you need to mail any documentation due to being unable to upload online, please mail to: State Employees Combined Campaign - 2021 Application P.O. Box 196, Durham, NC 27702

2021 Application Submission Information:

  • The 2021 State Employees Combined Campaign Application will be entirely online for the first time this year.  This means that all independent charities AND Federations will complete and submit all information, attachments, and certifications through the online application form
  • Before beginning the new ONLINE APPLICATION form, please review the 2021 application checklist to ensure you have all information and attachments necessary to complete the entire application and submit
  • If you are unable to complete the online application please email seccsupport@ncsecc.org to make a formal request to submit a physical application by mail
  • Paper application for reference only - do not fill out & mail as the webform covers all information required - can also be used to calculate current year FRA (Fundraising/Administrative Costs
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications will be considered incomplete if they are missing any required attachments or signatures or if they are received without all required documentation
  • The burden of demonstrating eligibility rests with the applicant.

Independent Charities (Application Period is Closed as of March 1, 2021)

Please review all Application for Admission Instructions before proceeding. To be considered for participation in the 2021 State Employees Combined Campaign, Independent Charities will need to submit the following information:

1. Completed Charity Application Webform   

Required attachments for webform:

  • Campaign Certifications Page Downloaded & Saved
  • Explanation of excessive FRA (Fundraising & Administrative Costs) if higher than 25%. See paper application or instructions piece for information on how to calculate FRA.
  • IRS Form 990 - Official signed copy of most recent (2018 or later) Form 990 (Pages 1-12 only are needed)
  • Most recent (2018 or later) CPA Audit or Review - this is only needed if you are unable to submit a full IRS990 (1st 12 pages)
  • NC Solicitation License VALID ON OR AFTER March 15, 2021  (Extensions permitted & exempt charities should upload exemption letter). Visit www.sosnc.gov and click their charitable solicitation category for more information on your 2021 NC Solicitation License status or to print/save your license
  • Letter from Board of Directors requesting inclusion. (Example letter is in the link) (Do not use the address in the example - that is our old address). Use SECC, PO Box 196, Durham NC 27702

For Federations:

Please review all Application for Admission Instructions before proceeding. To be considered for participation in the 2021 State Employees Combined Campaign, Federations will need to submit the following information:

1. Completed 2021 Charity Application Webform above for Admission (parts A, B, C, and D) with required attachments for the Federation only (please see above under instructions for Independent Charities for a list of required attachments).
2.All required attachments from each member charity tha was NOT an SECC participant in 2020. This will be a archive file (zip or rar) - see instructions for details
3. A copy of the completed and signed Campaign Certifications Page from the 2021 Application for each member charity that participated in the SECC as a Federation member charity in 2020. (Federations, please check ALL member agency NC Solicitation Licnenses prior to submitting as a reapplicant. We have many each year that are submitted with expired licenses despite being certified as in compliance)
4. The completed 2021 Federation Spreadsheet Excel worksheet. The completed spreadsheet should be submitted to Laura Baker, laurabaker@ncsecc.org   Please ensure you are using the spreadsheet shown on this page as it contains updated service areas for 2021.

NOTE: Federations must keep all documentation and attachments (paper or digital) for Federation member applicants.

Independent & Federation Memorandum of Agreement & Non Solicitation Agreement - You will certify receipt/reading of these documents on the Certifications Page.

All charities applying to the SECC will be required to review the 2021 Memorandum of Agreement (click for Independent Charities or Federations) and the 2021 Non-Solicitation Agreement (click for Independent Charities or Federations).