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Volunteer Toolkit

Thank you for your leadership!

We've created this toolkit to provide you and your team with resources and tools to will help you to personalize and add power to your campaign! You will find logos, photos, videos, charity stories, and more to help you and your PIO or SECC communications team member create engaging materials for your campaign in our PIO Toolkit available here. If you have questions, ask your Department Executive, University Chair, or call the SECC office at 919-821-2886. We are here to help you.

Campaign Tools

Thankful Thursday



Team Captain Guide - includes a checklist for planning and running your campaign

2017 Giving Guide - Charity Catalog

PIO Toolkit for promoting your campaign - toolkit for working with your PIO to create awareness and excitement about the campaign

"I support..." card - downloadable 8.5 x 14 card that donors can use to share why they support the cause(s) they've designated

Power of Giving Poster - downloadable 11 x 17 poster promoting the campaign

Thank You Poster - downloadable 11 x 17 poster for thanking donors after your campaign wraps up

Frequently asked questions

Examples of what gifts can buy

Three steps to help donors choose a charity

Tips for increasing participation

Quotes to inspire giving

Sign up to host a Charity Fair

10 Tips from Courtney, a seasoned volunteer

Event Do's and Don'ts

Turkey Bowl How-To

Chili Cook-Off How-To

What's YOUR Story - Template for sharing stories about your work with a charity or why a cause is important to you

For more information

Contact your Department Executive, University Chair, fill out our Contact Us form or call 919-821-2886. We are here to help you!