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Volunteer Roles

Department Executive and Team Captains have been leading efforts to support charities serving North Carolina residents since 1985. Thanks to the leadership of these volunteers, state employees have contributed more than $100 million to charities serving North Carolina residents.

Campaign Leaders:  Department Executives & University Chairs

Established in 1998, the Department Executive and University Chair Program serves as a vital link between campaign volunteers and the Administration and campaign coordinators. Department Executives and University Chairs are talented, motivated, energetic leaders who serve as advocates for the campaign and its impact on North Carolina communities. These critical volunteers manage the campaign for their agency or university and work closely with team captains and communications staff to ensure all state employees have the opportunity to participate.

Department Executives are appointed each year by their agency head, and University Chairs are appointed by the Chancellor at each of the state's 16 state university campuses. These volunteers:

Department Executives manage the combined campaign for their agencies. This means they are responsible for:

  • Recruiting or facilitating the appointment of SECC team captains for each division/location/university;
  • Meeting with team captains prior to the start of the campaign to discuss their campaign;
  • Communicating weekly with team captains on campaign progress;
  • Coordinating with the Public Information Officer (PIO) or appointed communications specialist to publicize the campaign within the agency;
  • Working with the team captains to see that every employee in their division/location/university has been personally contacted by someone representing the campaign;
  • Helping team captains address questions and challenges during the campaign;
  • Ensuring team captains tally and send forms and summary reports to the SECC office weekly;
  • Thanking all of their agency’s or university's volunteers who helped to make the campaign a success.

Team Captains

Team Captains are the "go-to" people for educating, motivating, and inspiring their fellow employees. This means:
  • Working with Department Executives and PIOs to plan a positive and informative campaign;
  • Personalizing campaigns to their employee group and involving their coworkers;
  • Obtaining support from management and senior leadership;
  • Ensuring each employee is given the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding their individual pledge;
  • Addressing questions and challenges during the campaign, with the help of Department Executives;
  • Reporting campaign results by calculating and sending pledge and report forms weekly to the SECC office; and,
  • Thanking all donors who pledge or donate.

Volunteers are vital to the SECC!