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Team Captain Toolkit

If you are a volunteer for the SECC this year, thank you for your leadership! 
We've created this toolkit to provide you and your team with resources, tools, and downloadable materials that will help you to personalize and jazz up your campaign! To help you and your PIO promote the campaign, be sure to visit the PIO Toolkit for logos, photos, videos, and more! If you have questions, ask your Department Executive, University Chair, or call the SECC office at 919-821-2886. We are here to help you.

Your Role as a Team Captain

As a Team Captain you are the "go-to" person for educating, motivating, and inspiring your fellow employees. This means:

  • Working with your Department Executive and PIO to plan a positive and informative campaign;
  • Personalizing your campaign to your employee group by involving your coworkers;
  • Obtaining support from management and senior leadership;
  • Ensuring each employee is given the opportunity to make aninformed decision regarding their individual pledge
  • Addressing questions and challenges during the campaign,with the help of your Department Executive;
  • Reporting campaign results by calculating and sending pledgeand report forms weekly to the SECC office; and
  • Thanking all donors who pledge or donate.

Downloadable tools to help you run a successful campaign...

Campaign Tips and Tools

Team Captain Guide - includes a checklist for planning and running your campaign
2016 Giving Guide - Charity Catalog
Promoting Your Campaign - toolkit for working with your PIO to create awareness and excitement about the campaign
What's YOUR Story - Template for sharing stories about your work with a charity or why a cause is important to you

For more information

Contact your Department Executive, University Chair, or the SECC office at or 919-821-2886. We are here to help you!