State Advisory Committee


2014 State Advisory Committee

1.      Administration, Dept. of – Bill Peaslee, SECC Legal Counsel *

2.       Administration, Dept. of –  Secretary Bill Daughtridge, 2014 SECC State Chair

3.       Appalachian State University - Dr. Susan McCracken, term expires 2016

4.       Controller’s Office, State – Melody Tart, term expires 2015

5.       Environment & Natural Resources, Dept. of – Alice Miller, term expires 2017

6.       Judicial Branch – Russ Eubanks, 2nd term expires2016

7.       Justice, Department of – Rufus Allen, term expires 2015

8.       Labor, Nancy Lipscomb – 2nd term expires 2015

9.       NC A & T University – Joyce Edwards, term expires 2017

10.   NC Central University – Johnnie Southerland, term expires 2015

11.   Office of State Budget & Management – Tracy Little, term expires 2018

12.   Public Safety, Dept. of– Gwen Norville, 2nd term expires 2015

13.   Retiree – Allison Stivender, 2nd term Expires 2015 *

14.   Revenue, Dept. of – Cale Johnson, Term expires 2018

15.   State Human Resources, NC Office of – Margaret Jordan, 2nd term expires2016

16.   Transportation, Dept. of – Barry Bridges, term expires 2017

17.   Transportation, Dept. of  - Secretary Tony Tata, 2014 SECC State Vice Chair

18.   UNC Chapel Hill – Kimberly Andrews, term expires 2018

19.   UNC – General Administration – Ann W. Lemmon, term expires 2017

20.   UNC Greensboro – Kathleen Williams, term expires 2017


       * ex officio member


Role of the State Chair and SECC Advisory Committee

The State Chair leads and directs the annual campaign through oversight of the SECC Advisory Committee, a panel of volunteers who set the campaign’s strategic direction; authorize campaign policy; and approve campaign rules, programs and services. Members of the SECC Advisory Committee serve four-year terms and are appointed by the State Chair to assure diversity and cross-representation among the three branches of government including the consolidated university system. The SECC Advisory Committee meets at least quarterly and operates through various subcommittees, including: Strategic Planning, Marketing, Volunteer Support and Regulations.