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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can contribute?
All state employees and retirees are eligible to participate. If you are not eligible for payroll deduction you may give by cash, check, credit card, or stock transfer gift.
Are my contributions tax-deductible?
Yes. Keep a copy of your pledge form or print your ePledge confirmation email. You may need additional documentation to support your contribution depending on the amount you pledge. Consult your accountant or tax advisor for details.
Who determines how my contribution will be used?
You decide by designating your contribution to one or more charities listed in the SECC Giving Guide. The SECC does require that designations to a single charity total at least $10 to lessen the administrative costs of the campaign.
What happens to my contribution if I don’t designate a specific charity?
The SECC’s rules specify that all undesignated gifts be proportionately distributed to those charities receiving
designations. For example, if Charity A receives 5% of designated pledges, then Charity A will also receive 5% of undesignated pledges.
Is there a minimum donation to designate a charity?
Yes. The minimum donation to designate your gift to a charity is $10. If you donate less, your contribution will be undesignated.
What is the duration of my payroll deduction and when does it begin?
Deductions begin January 2018 and continue through December 2018.
What is the administration cost of the campaign?
The SECC’s low administrative cost (10% of the prior year’s campaign) is a lower percentage than most charities spend on fundraising and administrative costs themselves.
How are charities approved for the Giving Guide?
All charities listed in the SECC Giving Guide must apply for admission annually and meet the campaign’s eligibility criteria established by regulations that govern the State Employees Combined Campaign. The criteria that the charities must meet can be found on our website at under the federations category.
How is my personal information shared?
Only the information you provide (name, email and/or home address and amount pledged) is shared with your designated charity or charities. You may remain anonymous (opt-out) by checking the box found on the pledge card or ePledge site.