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Donation Options

Please note: The "DONATE" button below should only be used AFTER you have completed a paper pledge form that you will submit to your department/division or university campaign coordinator. 

The SECC uses ePledge for online pledges. Not all state agencies or universities participate in the ePledge program and it is not available through the SECC website. If you wish to make an online pledge (not a donation), you will need to login to ePledge through the link in the email you will receive at your work email address during your agency/university campaign. If your agency or university doesn't participate in ePledge, you must use a paper form. If you need a pledge form, see your site campaign coordinator, or click here and use the printable workplace pledge form. 


If you are a state government retiree, please click here for your pledge form. If you have already made an online ePledge donation, DO NOT make a payment here.

Stock/Securities Transfer: 

If you wish to transfer securities, please download and fill out the Stock or Securities Transfer Form and submit it along with your paper pledge form.


The button below is only for individuals who are completing a PAPER pledge form and would like to pay by credit card. To ensure that your gift is provided to the charity or charities that you wish to support, please pay using the button below AFTER you have completed your workplace pledge form (paper form).