Campaign Leaders

 Department Executives and University Chairs

 It takes hundreds of volunteers from the coast to the mountains to organize and run the State Employees Combined Campaign and to each and every person who has ever helped, or will help with the campaign, you can be proud that you are serving such a worthy purpose.  This year, charities are counting on you to be their voice - ensuring that all state employees are aware of this opportunity to support causes they care about through the SECC.


Administration, Dept of

 Mary Curtis and Chris Mears
Administrative Hearings, Office of
 Gayle Lemons
Agriculture, Dept. of
Abe Costa
Commerce, Dept. of
Sonya Stafford, Miranda Miller and TBD
Community Colleges
 Jane Phillips
Cultural Resources, Dept. of
 Ansley Wegner
Department of Labor
 Mike Daniels
Environment & Natural Resources
 Jeannie Betts
Governor, Office of
  Diane McClary & Alicia Johnson
Health & Human Services, Dept. of
 Sandra Trivett
Insurance, Dept. of
 Vicky Young
 Jeff King, Aaron Wienshienk,
 Chris Estes & Janet Perry
Judicial Branch
 Mike Smith
Justice, Dept. of
 Lucy Lee & Donna Byrd
Lt. Governor, Office of
 Jamey Faulkenbury
NC State Board of Elections
 Ronda Russell Dunston
NC Education Lottery
 Bobby Dawson
NC General Assembly
 Carolyn Hunt
NC Wildlife Resources
State Auditor, Office of the
 Courtney Carraway, Garrett Davis & Others TBD
Public Instruction, Dept. of
 Doris McCain
Public Safety, Dept. of
  Barry Bryant & Others TBD
Revenue, Dept. of
  Joe Whittington
Secretary of State, Office of the
 Michael Peeler
State Budget and Management
 Adam Brueggemann
State Controller, Office of the
 Wendy Francis
State Employees Assoc. of NC
State Employees' Credit Union
 Angela Watson and Gwen Ferrone
State Personnel, Office of
 Sondra Chavis and Bobbi Brown
State Treasurer
 Martha Wewer
Transportation, Dept. of
 Gail Herring & Maybelline Anderson