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2017 Campaign Leaders

Department Executives and University Chairs

It takes hundreds of volunteers from the coast to the mountains to organize and run the State Employees Combined Campaign. To each and every person who has ever helped, or will help with the campaign, you can be proud that you are serving such a worthy purpose.  This year, charities are counting on you to be their voice - ensuring that all state employees are aware of this opportunity to support causes they care about through the SECC.

Department of Administration
Betty Coles
Office of Administrative Hearings
Margaret Reader
Department of Agriculture
Kathryn Caler
Department of Commerce
John Hardin
Glen Peterson
Ronald Jamison

Department of Environmental Quality
John Nicholson

Office of the Governor
Department of Health and Human Services
Micheal Becketts
Maribeth Wooten
Department of Insurance
Kimberly Campbell

Department of Information Technology
Jon Minshew
Janet Perry
George Collier
Bradley Junell


Judicial Branch
Michael Smith
Kathryn Johnson
Department of Justice
Donna Byrd
Maria Harkley
Department of Labor
John Luckado
NC Community Colleges
Dorrine Fokes
Jane Phillips
Chreatha Alston
NC Education Lottery
Bobby Dawson
NC General Assembly
Scarlette Chappell
Department of Public Instruction
Cynthia Ferguson



Department of Public Safety
Capt. Karen Ward
Jennifer Johnson
Margaret Ekam
Teresa Creech
Tameeka Tisdale
Justine Homiak
Carlton Richardson
Department of Revenue
Andre Little
Department of the Secretary of State
Gail Eluwa
Office of the State Auditor
Keita Cannon
Lauren Eiswirth
State Budget and Management
Jack Gagnon
Office of the State Controller
Jenny Johanns
State Employees' Association of NC
Carri Derrick
State Employees' Credit Union
Tina Prince
Jimmy Goodrum
Susan Bowman
Office of State Human Resources
Carl Dean
Marica Nelson
Department of the State Treasurer
Steve Toole
Department of Transportation
Barry Bridges
Sterling Johnson
Jimmy Travis
Brandon Mattox
Wildlife Resource Commission
Tammy Rundle
Takoya Edwards