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This is our campaign!

The SECC is a campaign that involves hundreds of volunteers from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina.  People from all walks of life work to ensure that the SECC supports charities that both want and need the support of state employees.  Please make the decision to support the SECC!

Team Captains and Campaign Volunteers are Important... 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement a plan to make the State Employees Combined Campaign a positive, team-building experience for everyone at your office  
  • Coordinate the planning, organizing, and implementation of a successful SECC campaign
  • Educate your co-workers about the SECC and its participating charities
  • Promote the SECC throughout your organization
  • Ensure that everyone is asked to consider a pledge
  • Stress the benefits of giving through the SECC and using payroll deduction
  • Return completed pledges along with signed Summary Report Forms at the end of your campaign, and prior to the December 1 deadline
  • Thank your employees for contributing to the campaign

Team Captains have a great opportunity to:

  • Develop and showcase your leadership and project management skills with resume-worthy achievements!
  • Work closely with colleagues at various levels of your organization
  • You (and others at your office you enlist to help you in your role) will MAKE THE DIFFERENCE for hundreds of charities that are eligible for donations this year. More than 1,000 charities are eligible this year!

Your Department Executives and SECC Staff are here to help!

  • Work with your Department Executive to plan an effective campaign for your office/division
  • Contact the SECC staff at or 919-821-2886 with questions you cannot answer yourself
  • Contact the SECC office to plan any charity fairs or speakers for your campaign